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Dew Claws

by Vicki

I just got through reading about dew paws. How many of you out there have had your Maltese's dew claws removed? Were the dew claws removed primarily for cosmetic reasons?


Hi Vicki, When I got Harlee Dee & Travis their dew claws were already removed. When Harlee had her pups I gave the new owners of the pups the option. I suggested that if they were going to show the pup they should have them removed otherwise they didn't have to. I, however, would have them removed anyway,for the comfort of the dog. I can just imagine them getting snagged on the carpet.. ouch!
-Karen Kalamaras

I have been showing and loving maltese for 11 years. I have never removed the dew claws. I am careful to trim them when I clip their toe nails (every 10 days) and have yet to experience any problems.
-Andrea Noel

Vicki: I just had Shayna's (6 1/2 months old) Dew Claws removed at her Spaying in April. KoKo did not have any when I got her. I could not trim Shayna's easy and once while using my cordless rotary tool to sand them (which is the best way to do nails) I caught her fur. It hurt me more than her, but that was it, they had to come off. She had a rough time for a day or two, but I am so glad I did it. By the way both the Girls like the rotary tool better than cutting nails. They feel no pain with the tool and both hated cutting their nails the other way. .

Shelley, do you mean a rotary stool instead of the regular nail clippers? I was going to go down to buy nail clippers today, but I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks!

Vicki: We bought it at Sears and it was about $29.00 in the Tool Department. It's a Craftsman Cordless Rotary Tool, 2 - Speed. At Shayna's first Vet visit I asked them to cut her nails for the first time and they said "we don't cut nails anymore." I did not know what to reply and our Dr. said we file them with a Rotary Tool. It was done it a moment and Shayna did not have any reaction. We bought the tool that night.

I always remove dew claws abut about three days of age. Puppies don't need them--they're like an appendix--left over from another time. Whether the dog is a show dog or a family pet, they don't need dew claws. Hair gets caught up and matted around them, people forget to trim them, etc. I do not remove them myself but have my vet do it. It's a good opportunity also to have him check hearts at the same time. They do need to be removed before the puppies' nervous systems fully develop--before 7 days at the latest--but is simple and fast. My vet uses that new skin super glue and there has never been any problems with infection, bleeding, etc.

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