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I tried Bio-Spot

by Shelley

About a month ago I was asking if anyone used Bio-Spot and decided to try it myself. Last Thrusday I used it on both KoKo and Shayna and immediately they got all greasy and hair discolored. I waited 2 days and could not stand it any longer and bathed them according to label directions. They got clean, but both are itching way too much. Today I called Drs. Forester & Smith (catalog Co.) and they were wonderful about returning the unused packages. I'm going back to "Frontline" Spray. It worked and it is just a little more difficult to apply and they do not look nearly as bad after the appications. FOR YOUR INFORMATION!


Shelly, Try the Frontline Top Spot. It comes in single dose packets and you put it in between the shoulder blades. It too is kind of greasy/wet looking for half a day or so, but then not noticeable at all. It's about $25 for 3-month supply.

Speaking of Drs. Foster/Smith. I noticed they have a product called "Show Eyes" that they say is "our new formula is the safest, most effective tear stain remover ever developed for dogs." Did anyone try this yet? ($3.99 for 4 oz) If anyone has, please let me know if it worked.
-cathy brown

Cathy: Thanks I'll talk to my Vet about Frontline Spot, but last time I asked it was $9.00 and change for each application and they said with the frequency of my bathing (the Girls) I should use it once a month. That's almost $19.00 a month. The Frontline Spray has lasted since Last July. Cost $20.00 for a bottle. I give one spray/per pound on each dog once a month, and it worked great. The greasy look is very little.

Cathy, I tried the product from Foster & Smith "Show Eyes", and it didn't work for me. In fact, the label says you don't need to rinse it off after applying, but inside the plastic baggy that the product was shipped in, a piece of paper had new directions, instructing you to wash off the solution after applying, leading me to believe that it is pretty strong stuff. I don't recommend it. Diamond eye or Crystal eye works better. -Patti & Buster

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