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larger Maltese

I just recently bought a male Maltese. He is 9 months old. The people we got him from would get him groomed once a month, and I mean they got him shaved!!! So, he doesn't look to great right now. I am planning on letting his hair grow out long like it is supposed to be. Do you know about how long I will have to wait before it grows out the length it should be?? Also, he is a registered Maltese, but he weighs 10 lbs., and some of the information I looked up on the internet says the most they should weigh is 7lbs...do you think he is abnormal?? I'm not using him for breeding, just a pet, but I just thought maltese were supposed to be smaller than this. -Tammy

  • I can't answer the question on how long it takes hair to grow, but my Maltese is 4 mos. old and already weighs 7 lbs. The vet says he "doesn't think she'll get over 10 lbs!" I've been told they should be,on average 6 lbs. But we love her larger.-Cathy Lemming

  • The AKC breed standard for Maltese reads: "Weight under 7 pounds, with from 4 to 6 pounds preferred. Overall quality is to be favored over size. " The size issue is one that concerns many of us that breed Maltese. The larger size has generally resulted from indiscrimate breeding (backyard breeders and puppy mills) who breed for profit and not caring for the breed standard. Maltese typically have small litters -- average litter size 2-3 and many times require a C-Section. Puppy mills to overcome these cost (= little $$) issues have continually breed bigger and bigger bitches. This results in larger Maltese - 10 lbs plus. The issue of size is becoming serious and a threat to the integrity of the Maltese breed.-bobbie linden

  • The AKC standard for the Maltese or any breed is really a definition of a "perfect" specimen. Something to compare others of the same breed to. So the closer your Maltese meets the standard requirements, the better degree of excellence. The better degree of excellence makes your Maltese more worthy of showing. The most perfect Malteses out their ALL fall short of the standard somewhere, whether it be the color or texture of their coat, their eyes not being set just right or their overall size and weight. I agree, the issue of size is becoming a serious threat to the integrity of the Maltese breed. A larger Maltese are just as beautiful of a dog as the pee-wee's and this is basically what the standard says when they say overall quality to be favored over size.-Jay
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