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New Toy for Mom

by Shelley

KoKo and Shayna's Daddy just came home with a belated Mother's Day present for me. I am so excited, but it has been raining in FL all day. I wanted a Baby Carriage that attaches behind my bike so I can take the Girls for rides. They both love going in the Golf Cart but I need some exercise and often we go too far for them to walk all the way. So this will be perfect for us. I'll let you know how it works out for us.


That sounds adorable! I would love to see you hauling the "kids" in a baby carriage behind your bike. I assume this is for human children?? Let us know how they like it. I can't imagine Lucy sitting still alone in something while I'm riding my bike. How did you train them to do this?
-cathy brown

It finally stopped raining and we just returned from our first ride. Shayna was an angel, she is so young she accepts about anything we do, if we introduce things properly. KoKo wanted to get out and run. It has a zipper enclosure so they must stay in, there is room for them to move around it in. It is made for human children probably up to 3 or 4 years old and holds 2 children. I use treats to reward their good behaviour and they learn to stay. Heard my Husband tell our friends he found it at K-Mart and it was half the price of the one at the bike shops they retail there for $279.00 discount to $249.00. Run to K-Mart and ask about it, if you don't see it tell them a friend got one it in Titusville, FL.

I use a pet Pouch for taking our dog on bike rides. He loves it. It looks like a "snugglie" baby pouch. It hangs in front of me, with him facing front. It has straps that go over my shoulders, and around my back. We really get the looks on the bike trail!

Patti, I've seen in Dog World magazine a pet pouch that doubles as a carseat too! I really need one of those. I'm still stuffing Pixie Bella in my shirt tucked in when I need to.

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