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by Sharon

I have heard about a product for reducing tearing. It is called Tylan. I know how much I should give but how young can you start using it? Is it like tetracycline and not before their permanent teeth come in? If anyone has any information on this please let me know. Thanks


Hi Sharon, I know of breeders that have used this tylan powder for tearstain. I asked my vet, and he said it is an antibiotic of some type....and when the tearstain comes back, you'll have to keep giving more of this. I didn't ask him how old the dogs should be. But some catalog companies do sell it. I'm just afraid to use it unless I get it from the vet. And everyone is tired of me talking about "The Missing Link" a super supple- ment for tearstain. But sooner or later someone will say, "Yes, it works!!" Best wishes to all, Bel and the m & m & m girls
-Bel and the m & m girls

Yes I have used it but not until adult teeth are in then for 30 days and off 2 wks.
-Karen& kids

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