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Maltese or not?

by Pamela

I ran into a woman in a pet store yesterday that said her little one was a Maltese--she looks quite a bit different from mine, and also at 8 weeks, she weighs 3 1/2 lbs. Her coat was thicker, and not as silky, and she was definitely a lot quieter than mine. Her eyes had pink around them--not a speck of black. I'm wondering the difference between the Maltese and Bichon. She said the Maltese gets to be 8 - 10 lbs., but everything I have read has indicated 4 - 6 lbs., but has said that the quality of the dog is more important than size.


Ya know,that's strange,because from what I have learned through this message board, my Harlee and Travis are larger than everyone elses. My Harlee Dee is 11 lbs.and Travis is 14 lbs.(but he's been on prednisone in the past). There is a Bichon in my neighborhood who is a bit larger than Travis. My 2 have all the characteristics of the Maltese and I was under the impression that some are larger than others. I also work with a woman that has a Maltese and hers is 11 lbs. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this subject.
-Karen Kalamaras

My 22 Month old is 9.4 lbs and curly too, so I know she is not to "Standard". My 6 1/2 month old is 5.5 lbs. with a beautiful silky coat and pure white. According to AKC Standards 4 to 6 lbs with 7lbs exceptable. The Puppy Mills are breeding larger and larger so they can have more in the liter and make more money. At 8 weeks old the black is not yet developed around their eyes. Both mine were about 3 to 4 months old before you saw the Black around their eyes. My 22 month old has the cutest Maltese Face I've every seen. But she is larger than "Standard" and I read some where that the English Maltese are curly.

Lucy weighs 8 lbs. I figure as long as I can carry her, she's fine (though I expected about 5 or 6 lbs of grown dog). Guess we just have more to love? I think Lucy's perfect as is. There's also a Bichon in my neighborhood and she is quite a bit larger (taller and heavier) than Lucy. The Bichon's mom, however, always comments on how big Luce is for a maltese. I let it go. Lucy is much nicer than that Bichon bitch, Taffy!!
-cathy brown

BRAVO Cathy!!(clap,clap,clap). My Travis can now be proud to say,"Don't call me Travis, call me Chubsy Ubsy".
-Karen Kalamaras

All of my dogs are from 3.5 to 5.5 lbs, except for my neutered male, Bubba. Bubba weighs 9 pounds, and is a total delight. He, being larger, can play with the grandkids. He fetches balls, sits up and begs, and is the smartest one I have. When my Grandson calls for me to visit, it is always the same thing "bring bubba too". He is all maltese, all 9 pounds of him, and I love him dearly.
-Marsha A.

My sweet Dolly is usually about 9 1/2, but up to 10 1/2 (she's on predisone & imuran). I had a maltese when i was growing up that was about 10 pounds too, so it's not that unusual. I actually like them a little bigger. She was raised at a breeders that is known for smaller maltese, the 4-6 pound range, she was just bigger for some unknown reason. Her brother was really small & was sold to someone in Alaska (we're in vegas) and I met her father & he's probably about 5 pounds! Any size, they're the best!

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