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by beverly

I collect Maltese statue, pictures and any items that have Maltese in it. I have made it a real challange. If anyone knows were I might find different items please let me know


Hi Beverly, I get a lot of catalogs in the mail that have very unique Maltese items. When I get another I'll e-mail you with the name of the catalog and/or their phone#. I haven't gotten one in a while, so I am due to get something.... See Ya...
-Karen Kalamaras

I would like a catalog telephone # or address for Maltese statues, etc. Please email me. Thank you.

I too am a collector of Maltese figurines. Found a Maltese cookie jar in a Denver antique store--it is absolutely priceless. Pence Animal Sculpture does some great work--most caricatures. The work includes recipe card holders, figures, kitchen utensil holders, jars, etc. They are pricey, but each one is individually handcrafted. I saw her work at the Fountain Hills Arts Festival in AZ and would have bought her out except she didn't have any Maltese with her.

Hey Linda, I'm on "Pedigrees" mailing list and they do have cute things. I also get a catalog from "Foster & Smith", ever hear of it? It's really great because not only do they sell everything from soup to nuts for animals, but they also have an 800 phn# to call and speak with a vet(1 day a week) and they also give little tidbits of advise,on random pages, re:vaccination sched's, lists household medication and dosage for pets(ie:dramamine,Pepto Bismol,etc.),and so many more! It's really informative. I'll try and find an old catalog and give you all the phn#, in the meantime, if anyone else has it, please share it with those that don't,I think they'll enjoy it also. THANKS...
-Karen Kalamaras

Just got another flyer announcing another Maltese collectible. They are offering cold cast bronze life-sized heads from England. Yes life-size heads, so you can tell that they are pricey. Maltese head is $180.00--a little too steep for me but maybe someone else would like it. The example of the Poodle shown was exquisite.

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