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Please Help. Very Concerned!

by Diana

Hi. I have an 8 wk old baby (Macy). She has had 3 wormings, 1 Distemper, and 2 Parvo's. (All from the breeder) She had her first vet visit the next day after I brought her home. Vet said she will need a combo vac. on the 23rd of May. something about the parvo's and distemper didn't have any counteractions.?? Anyway, heres my concern:

Macy got of hold another dogs feces and ate it. Needless to say her face was a total mess. I cleaned her the best I could and tried to Kinda brush her teeth but I am worried that since she is not totally vaccinated she may catch something from it. It was in our front yard so I have no idea what dog left the gift. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge in regards to this issue. If so, please help me. I can call the vet tomorror is monday. If i knew that it was an emergency I could call her today, however I am not sure if this is or not.


I would wait until tomorrow to call a vet because I understood that the dog is not sick right know. What you can do is avoid taking your baby to the yard until he is vaccinated. You can train him to make his things in paper or wee wee pads until he gets ready to go out without risk.

If I was you and you are very concerned about it, I would call the vet today. They should have someone on call that would be able to call you back and address your concern. At the very least, by calling today, you can see what kind of service you're getting from the vet [that they take your concerns seriously]. That way you can sleep tonight. I'm the type of person--I want to know Now if I need to be concerned--especially if it's something I don't know about. I would be concerned about distemper because it is spread through contact with infected dogs by direct contact with the urine, feces, or mucus of an infected dog, or occasionally by airborne contact, although this is very unusual. An unvaccinated older dog may not have an active case of distemper, but he can still be a carrier of the virus. These dogs develop an immunity to distemper because they have encountered mild forms of the infection and survived it. Distemper has almost no symtoms of itself. Most of the symtoms you see when a dog has distemper are the results of secondary bacterial invaders that move in on the weakened animal. Once this happens, you can look for a cough; vomiting; diarrhea; lack of appetite; and green, heavy mucus from the nose and eyes. Distemper can be very deceptive. I would be concerned about distemper more than anything. Worms are another issue. The best way to tell if your pup has worms is to take a stool sample to your vet. Leptospirosis is another bacterial disease that attacks the kidneys and is very contagious--people can get it. Dogs pick it up from contact with infected urine. The symptoms are lethargy and some blood in the urine, although these symptoms may be so mild as to go unnoticed. I don't know what the inncubation period is before you would notice any symptoms for the distemper, worms, or leptospirosis. "Don't bet--ask your vet." Let me know what you found out about it; I'm sure it'll prove to be helpful to others. Pixe Bella told me she hopes she doesn't get sick.

Diane,I'm sorry but I don't know anything about if they eat know what. Your vet should be able to help out with that one, I wouldn't worry too much my puppy ate some pretty gross stuff before she was totally cat hair balls, and snails. Anyway I'm dropping you a line to warn you about the third vaccine. Tell you vet not to give your puppy "LEPTO" with the parvo,distemper. Maltese can be very allergic and it almost killed my little one. And it didn't affect her until the third round of shots. She was unconsious the day after and sick for three weeks. My old vet refused to think it was the vaccine, so she wasn't even treated correctly in the beginning. My new vet, who is great, gave her the last round of shots w/o Lepto and she had no ill effects.

Thank you Mary, Vicki, and Sally. I woke up this morning and checked this board right away. I was happy to see that there was some responses. After reading them all, I have decided to go ahead and call the vet today. Macy just vomited. Im not sure if she vomited or if it was just like a baby spitting up. What came up was about 3 morsals of food. Each morsal was large in size as if it had been sitting in water. Probably because it has been about 30 min. since she ate. Would that be actually vomiting. Im not sure.

Diana, yes she vomited.They will vomit if something has upset their system. It does not mean it is serious they just must clean out the system and start over. Call the Vet and let them know what her reaction is. Good luck. Both KoKo and Shayna wish her well. Happy First Maltese Mother's Day.

Diana, I will have Macy in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us advised as to what your vet says, and how Macy is doing. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE to those who breed dogs of any breed---remember the concern and fear that Diana is expressing, and don't adopt out your precious babies until they've had ALL their shots.
-Marsha O/Jazz

Diana and Sally, I had a similar experience with Zsa Zsa's second shot. An hour after her shot she started vomiting, and vomited 5 times in the next few hours. The vet said (I took her after she had vomited the first time--new mother!) that Lepto was not in the vaccine, but when I called earlier in the day before she had her shot, the assistant said it was in the first shot, and she'd be okay (they also checked the box on her records that Lepto was in there). I'm thankful she was okay (after giving her water all night), and needless to say I switched vets--the old one didn't like me telling him I knew anything. The new vet gave her Benadryl and watched her for 3 hours for her 3rd shot. I think they think I'm neurotic, but I don't care.
-Pamela and Zsa Zsa

What is LEPTO for? Pixe Bella is coming up for her 3rd round on the 28th of May. Is the 'L' in DHLPP stand for LEPTO? The shots she got on April 30th; I had to turn around and take her back to the vet because she had an allergic reation; like a small bump on the top of her back that was sore. She really cried having the second shot. I was able to go in there with her. Do you guys go in with your animals for the shots? The first place I took her I wasn't allowed and I was surprised when they said to come on back. Anyway, the vet gave her a shot to counteract the allergic reaction and take the pain away. It worked within a matter of hours.

Vicki,I ALWAYS go with Lucy when the vet takes her to the examining room. She hates shots (starts to cry when she SEES the needle) and we have had some discussion about my waiting outside in case that would calm her down, but so far shots have been managed with me present...and lots of commotion. I changed vets after Lucy's rabies shot (the first one). The night she got her shot she woke up about 10 times literally screaming--it didn't sound doglike, but rather people like. I was terrified that something awful had happened, but she was ok the next morning. However there was a huge bump where the shot had ben given. I don't even know if it was the vet's fault, but I never took her back there. I think that's the reason she's so terrified of shots yet. Her basic nature is to love everyone and not be afraid of anything, so this shot business had to come from somewhere. I am a big supporter of those who change vets when they are or their pets are uncomfortable with ANYTHING that goes on there.
-cathy brown

Pamela. I get the same feeling sometimes. I know they think I'm neurotic. They probably wish I'd stay off this computer and especially this web site. They don't like it when you know some of the same stuff they do. HA! By the way everyone, I called the vet and she said there shouldn't be any concern about macy cosuming that other dogs duties. Only thing would be worms. Didn't sound right to me. Especially since I have learned that many of the puppy diseases are contacted through feces and urine. The message was given to me by the receptionist. Im not sure that something might have gotten mixed up along the grapevine. In regards to Macy, she is doing great. We call her racy macy. She's a happy little thing. Im still pondering over the Lepto. Trying to weight out those of you who have had reactions to it and those who haven't. I have only heard of reactions so far. Is there any of you who's babies handled the lepto just fine? Please let me know if so. Macy goes on the 23rd. Thanks to all of you for all your responses and concern. Its nice knowing people care, especially those you haven't even met. Thanks again. And I hope all you babies are healthy and happy. Oh gosh, Sorry so lengthy Jay. I'll try to keep them shorter. Diana

My baby is 6 months old now and i think has had 2 or 3 shots with the lepto in it. He didn't have any reaction that i knew of. I usually spend the whole day with him after a shot to make sure he's okay.

About the Parvo shots... How old does a maltese have to be before he stops getting them once every two weeks? My vet says up to 27 weeks, that's about 7 months. If this is correct than NiNi is due for another shot on Wednesday. Any infor would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Linda. (I have a Yorkie Nini too.) Shots every two weeks until 16 weeks old. Parvo/distemper booster at 4 months, one at 6 months, one at a year, one yearly after that. One shot every two weeks until 7 months is NOT proctocol but costly to you. I might think about getting an opinion from another vet!
-Linda G

Cathy, Vicki, and Pamela, nice to read all of your responses.I wish my first vet had been willing to admit that Chance was having a reation from the Lepto-at least he could have given her a shot of Benadryl. That still makes me mad. By the way, I never let my baby go in for anything with out me. Expecially after that Lepto incident. We of course have a new vet, that we are both comfortable with, and who listens and appreciates my imput that I get from this site. And, I might add, often agrees with many of you. Never be afraid to ask questions or refuse your vets opinion and get another. I wish I had listen to my instincts the first time around. Take care everyone:-)

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