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by Diana

Hi.I have searched the archives in regard to this question with no avail. Here it goes. I purchased Crystal Eye by four paws, used it, followed directions. However the directions were not that precise. I put it on her and let it dry by itself. After it was dry, it left her forehead wavy ( because I let it dry by itself) I rewet it with the intension of blow drying it straight, but when I did wet it, it created almost a lather texture. Does anyone know if I was supposed to rinse it out after it dried. The direction do not say to, but thought it was odd that it would do that. It also left her hair feeling coarse not silky.

Also can you use this product for staining and discoloration of the beard and feet? Thank you.


I use Crystal Eye too. I let it air dry and I use a flea comb to comb it down straight. After her hair drys, I put a little brush a little bit of cornstarch under each each with a toothbrush. I just read the directions and they aren't very 'clear'. I would guess you could rinse out the stuff that got on her forehead with some water and then comb and blow dry it straight. See if that helps. I notice I have cut back on the amount I use because it does tend to lather up. I use a clean pad for each eye too. Let me know if that helped.

Thanks for your help vicki. I will try that. By the way how does crystal eyes work for you. do you use it daily.

Diana, Do you mean me or my dog [ha]. Yes, I have to use it on Pixie Bella everyday. It does help her. If I get lazy and skip a day, that brown yuk is there. Pixie Bella is due for a major 'overhaul' today as a matter of fact. I keep the hair under her eyes trimmed down, easier to maintain. As for me, I haven't tried Clear Eyes yet, but I hear that it takes 10 years off your under the eyes and eliminates that puffy eye look in the morning [just kidding...]

Vicki:If that were true I'd be the first to try it. LOL!

I have a ten month female Maltese and am wondering if there is a grooming terminology that I should be using to get the haircut I desire. I would like a longish puppycut and the groomer gives Sukie either a teddybear cut resulting in very short body hair or a puppycut - both resulting in no more than 3/4" coat on the body. Is there something about Maltese hair that makes it impossible to scissor nicely? Are my only realistic options very long or really short? Thanks for any insight on what I should ask for and what I should expect. SukieDog

You may want to look at some pictures and show your groomer what look you want. There are some nice pictures on this website in the 'Photo Album' on the main page. My groomer refers to the shorter look as a 'kennel cut'. I prefer the shorter look--easier to take care of. I like my dog with bangs and leave enough hair on top for a bow.

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