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HELP...matting coat

by Charity...SnoCcrystal Maltese

This is yet another question about my newest pup who has a Marcris type coat or so I have been told. He is trying to blow his puppy coat and I am having serious problems with matting. He is crate kept most of the time and is banded as his coat is about 2" of off the floor. He has the very thick heavy type coat...Any suggestions would be helpful..btw he has a regimen with Crown Royale spray(with brush out)and Coat Handlers Conditioner with his baths. Thanks for your help in advance.


Charity, Regarding blowing coat and matting. I find it helpful when you are having a problem with a matting coat to give the dog a bath as usual and then rebathe in about 48 hours. Matts seem to have a memory and the first bath only straigtens it out for a short time. Besure to remove the matts before bathing.
-Cherie Eno

I raise and show Maltese. Fortunately, I have had only silk coats, but a friend recommended mixing 1/4 cup of mink oil with 1/2 cup Coat Handlers Conditioner and one quart warm water. Put the dog in a shallow pan and pour the mixture over the dog. Encourage the dog to lie down in the mixture to get the underneath part of the dog and its legs. Do NOT rinse out. In effect, you are putting the dog in oil, but mink oil is the best and least harmful to the coat. Downside is you must bathe every 6-7 days. A dog in oil must be kept clean, because oil can rot the coat.

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