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Bone-Treat eating habits

by Jennifer

My maltese (female) insists on eating bones/treats on my bed (her den). However she also INSISTS that I am present in the room. If I am not, she will yap until I am. If I give her a bone/treat just before I go out, even if she is eating her favourite treat and I leave, she will "bury" the bone/treat. When I come home, she gets a rub, kisses etc and then heads straight for the treat/bone and eats it. She obviously has waited for me to be home. WHY????? Is this common? It is really cute (everything she does is cute!) and I don't mind but I just wonder why.


The more I read about the cute things all of our "children" do the more I laugh. My Harlee Dee will get one of her "little bones"(milk bones),with it in her mouth,she'll toss her head to either side,let go of the bone,so that it flies across the room,HOP,that's right HOP over to hit,pounce on it like a cat and keep repeating this over and over;then she'll eat it. Or, she'll go and get a little bone, bring it to me and sit there and wait until I toss it across the room. But it's similar with me, if I leave the room they will either drop everything or take whatever they have with them. My male,Travis,will bring his squeeky green starfish(Mr.Fishy) outside when we go for a walk and along the way he'll drop Mr.Fishy off and sure enough on the way back he'll pick him back up. They never cease to amaze me!!!
-Karen Kalamaras

My Pixie Bella pounces on toys and her treats as well. She'll run off to the middle of the livingroom floor. I call it her "battleground".

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