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Scampers with a Ferrari engine

by Vicki

While Pixie Bella was playing, all of a sudden she was scampering fast all over the livingroom--fast circles around the easy chair--up and down the hall--back and forth. Was this a sudden burst of energy or did she have to defacate? This lasted--oh I'd say about a minute. We'd comment, "Look at her go!" My nephew's Pug does that too I notice. Anybody's dog do this from time to time? What do think it means?


My Travis an Harlee Dee do the same thing, I call them "Rocket Babies". I'm so afraid either one of them will not pay attention to where they are going and, God forbid, hurt themselves. They do this both inside and outside. I can't pin-point any particular time this happens except after a bath when they're still wet. Otherwise it's at any given time. I just they're releasing energy.
-Karen Kalamaras

Zsa Zsa does that about once a day. We call her demon dog when she does it--it's the cutest thing. She'll do circles around our older dog, who just stands there watching her. Usually it's when one of the other animals (we have a cat, too, who hasn't taken to her like our dog has) has been a little nasty to her, or she wants to play, and no one else does. She'll plot her course and off she goes! How precious, of course we think everything she does is cute.
-Pamela and Zsa Zsa

Karen, Thanks! It is a riot to watch--I agree about the furniture--last night my husband was playing fetch and retreive and I asked him to throw the toy the other way because she was getting to close to the foot of a hard chair. I have a question for you--I've read that after a bath you should blow dry their hair so they don't "get a chill". Is it o.k. to towel dry if it is warm in the house? I notice you mentioned, "still damp". I have to hold the blow dryer away from her because I don't have a special dryer for dogs that is not to hot. She is older now. Maybe they mean just for young pups? What do you think?

How funny!!!!! My Maltese "Baby" goes crazy too at the most uncertain times. We call her "psycho dog" when she runs all over the house for afew minutes. She comes back to us panting away like she just finished a 26 mile marathon. We crack up from her. Have you ever had such joy from any other breed before? I have had others but I really think this breed is the best!!

Marilyn, I grew up with an adorable bostin terrier. He had one black eye and one white eye. I've never owned a dog myself..I'm SO GLAD we chose the Maltese. I love Pixie Bella SO much. All of us do! She has brought so much joy into our lives and everyday she does something different that's cute. It is a joy to see her growing up so fast. I've found that our little one is the best relief for stress. She is so cute, we'll stop and just sit there and admire her.

Vicki, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I always make sure the temperature in my home is warm enough when I bathe Harlee Dee & Travis. I've tried,on many occasions, to blow-dry them(I have a diffuser attachment)but they seem too afraid,probably because of the loud noise,so they run around with their hair damp. They have never gotten sick afterwards so I'd say it's OK. Talk to ya soon.....
-Karen Kalamaras

My Mika has done this once or twice a day ever since I brought her home. I think they are just letting out their energy. Usually Mika settles in for a nap after she goes "crazy puppy" as we call it.
-Jackie and Mika

hi we have a Shih Tzu, and he has so much energy that those circles last 5 minutes. After her cirlces he slams on to the floor and rests. SOmetimes he starts again. They are just excited about something or need to let there energy out.

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