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by sally warner

My 7 month old Maltese,"Chance", has been vomiting alot lately. Of course, just like a human baby everything goes right into her mouth,so I try and keep her area free of any debrie. And if I give her any treats, except a little chicken(no bones of course) she throws up a while later. Is this normal in maltese I know they can be sensitive to so many things. Help!!


Huh? Sounds like an upset tummy. Is it only when Chance eats a particular kind of treat? I would stop the treat and see if that improves the situation. No matter what the problem is, If Chance is vomiting for longer than 48 hours, I would take him to the vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong because prolonged vomiting can make Chance become dehydrated. Check with the vet to see if you could give Chance a human antacid to settle his stomach [a child's dose for a small dog]. Hope he gets better.

My mom had the same problem with her two dogs. It started right after she had purchased a new bag of their regular dry food. Turns out the dry food had gone bad. The food even smelled a bit rancid. The dogs stopped throwing up as soon as she fed them from a new, better smelling, bag of the same brand.
-Sharryl (Nitro's mom)

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