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Feeling Guilty/Loss of a Maltese


Due to guilt and my schedule I had to sell my maltese after having him for over a year.I truly loved my dog but, my schedule only permitted me time to spend with him at night and he would destroy my house because he was alone most of the time. I am still in tears today because he is not here with me however, the person who bought my maltese has another maltese to keep each other company and the new owner is madly in love with him and can give him more attention then me. I am crying now. Anyone else had this problem?????


Mimi, Don't beat yourself up too bad. Although I did a lot of research before I got Zsa Zsa, I never could have imagined how much these dogs like people, or need another animal around for company. It's amazing. Ours would rather spend time with our other dog, not a Maltese, than us sometimes. (Does that say much for us?) Anyway, they really do need the company, and you around a little more, so I think it is wonderful that you cared enough to provide a great life for your little one. You will always have the memories, and the comfort in knowing that they are happy and having fun!
-Pamela and Zsa Zsa

Mimi,I can understand how sad you must feel. I just took Lucy to the groomer for the day and my house feels so quiet and empty without her that I can hardly wait for afternoon!

It sounds to me though like you did a very loving thing, finding your baby a home with a loving mom and a friend to play with. Think about how happy your pup must be to have someone to spend all day with and try to smile. Here's a hug or three from me.
-cathy brown

You did a very brave thing. You put the health and happiness of your puppy before your own. You are to be commended.
-Marsha A.

Thanks everyone I am feeling a little better today but, my co-worker keep bringing him up and I feel more sad. I talk to the new owner and they are having the time of their lives with him but he still waits at the door for me at their house thinking I will be picking him up. Well, time will heal all the hurt...thanks for the support........

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