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Researching Pedigrees

by Nicole

Can anyone give me info. on researching pedigrees? I'm not sure what a stud book contains (AKC numbers, coloration, weight, height, etc.?) or how to get one. I'm also having trouble organizing my dogs' pedigrees on the computer. I have one pedigree about 15 generations deep and it looks dreadful on a spreadsheet.


Nicole, they have software specific to creating organzational charts. Soft Key puts one out on CD Rom--it creates great-looking organization charts. Also I know there is software specific to creating family trees which may be more beneficial to you because it probably produces forms with generational titles.

Nicole, I found some source books at the library that may prove to valuable in leading you in the right direction:

Canine Source Book
by Susan Bulanda

Canine Pedigree Service
Rt. 2, Box 168 Tally-Ho Rd.
Glyndon, MN 56547
(218) 498-2775

Registry Organizations:

American Dog Breeders Assoc.
P.O. Box 1771
Salt Lake City, UT 84110

American Kennel Club
51 Madison Ave.
NY, NY 84110

Nicole,The AKC stud books are available by subscription. It would do you no good to have just one. To use the stud book, you would go the sire's book of your dog, ( the #'s in () after the dogs names on your registration slip, is the date of the book you would look in.In that book it would give the sire and dam's names and #'s, then you would go to the book that the date is in () again to get the next generation and so on. You would do the same thing for the dam's side of the pedigree. You really need a whole set, to do a pedigree. Hope I have said this so it makes sense.
-Carole - Fantasyland

Nicole, I too would like to research my dog's bloodline's. I have a publication that I ordered for a Camino book company that has the champions listed in it. However it has no pictures or weights of the dogs. I would like to see pictures of dogs in my bloodlines. I would like to know if the Studbooks that you subcript to have pictures in them? I would like to learn more if I knew where to look. Debbie

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