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Female lifts back leg?

by TM

My female lifts her back leg when she goes to the bathroom. I was wondering if anyone elses Maltese does that. She's done this most of her life.


Lucy squats to pee-pee but lifts her leg, too. Also, if you scratch her in the right place on her belly, she lifts her leg (I always say she's doing her ballet). At any rate, I'm not sure this is common, but certainly is a trait that Lucy shares with your little girl.
-cathy brown

My maltese, Milk also lifts her back leg when she pees. I think she's done that all her life. Me and all my friends finds it very funny and cute. She's also very ticklish around the side of her body, and when I tickle her there, she jumps up and if I continue, she sometimes pees. Is this animal abuse??!

Both my females lift their back leg and I'm trying to figure out which leg they lift, but I can't remember. Anyway they both lift the same leg and jump away from the spot. The leg is not up as high as a male dog, but definitely off the ground.

Thats so funny because my female also lifts her right back leg when she pees. So does my friends female. Their such great dogs....they even pee cute!!!!

I can't stop laughing!!!! You think the leg thing is cute well, my Harlee Dee doesn't do that, but(no pun intended!),she wiggles her rear end all the way up to a tree,sqwats and then goes,after that she'll kick her back paws and growl. Her and my male(her husband) have been together all 4 years of their lives but she just started this recently. Is there major gender confusion here or what!!?? I love her to death.
-Karen Kalamaras

My female lifts her leg. My male doesn't. She just goes to it and does her thing as soon as she walks outside. My male has to scope the territory in continuing circles for ages before he decides he has found his spot.

My maltese lifts her leg everytime she pees too, so I think that this is nothing bad. Mine just does it when shes done peeing, I guess she does it so she won't wet her paws.

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