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male or female?

by April Blackmon

I have heard that females make better pets and are easier to housebreak. I have also heard that if a male is neutered by six months, he probably will not lift his leg. Females are very hard to come by, will a male make just as good of a pet?


Of all my dogs, my males are the most affectionate. The females are easier to house train, but I have one male that was neutered at 6 months because of asthma and he was just as easy as the females. He does not lift his leg and does no marking. My males are friendlier than my females and stay right with me at all times. They also fetch and play with me one on one more than the girls do. Both make good pets, but my males are the lovey ones.
-Marsha A.

I have both a male and a female. My male has been with me since he was a puppy (I met him the day he was born). My female is a rescue. They are both wonderfully affectionate and constantly with me. My female is a little clinger. She likes to be on my neck or as close as possible. My male prefers my lap. He's more outgoing and loves people, she is more shy and takes a bit more time to decide if she has made a new friend. But I think those personality (or dognality) traits are not related to their sex, just the fact that they are individual. In my experience you can't go wrong either way. Maltese dogs are the best.

Either sex makes a wonderful pet. I can't see any personality differences when it comes to male vs female whatsoever in the Maltese I've known.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I have aquired a male puppy. His name is Noah. He is so precious. I'm in love! He is everything I hoped for and more.
-April Blackmon

Congratulations on your beautiful boy! I understand exactly how you feel. I fell instantly and irrevocably in love with mine as soon as I saw them. The best part about Maltese dogs is that they love you just as much :)

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