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Tear Stain, Again

by Shelley

Shayna (6 months old) was spay April 24th. The Vet started her on an antibiotic (Lincocin Aquadrops) the day after, April 25th. This was to prevent infection, however, he also stated this might help her tear stains. It has done a very good job, but I am also going to continue follow up with Colloidal Silver (which I found at Vitamin World). My question is; the bottle indicates humans take it orally. Last week I read, on this board, that it is to be applied directly in the eye. Is this the proper application?


Shelley, I too have the same question. I bought Colloidal Silver and it said to take orally. I also wondered if there is a specific length of time it should be given. I know this is a matter that has been discussed to death but I could not find info in the archives that discusses specifics. Please help. Thanks.
-Sandy from Michigan

I got some coloidal silver from my vet. It is a black market item; not sanctioned by the USFDA. I applied it in the eye, and Bogie twinged violently. I then applied it to the skin/hair below the eye. It hasn't done any good, and it smells terrible, even caustic. I'm sorry I subjected the little dog to it.

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