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Bad physical traits

by Kenny Jarels

My wife bought me a male maltese puppy for a Christmas present this past year and I noticed that his nose was more of a brown color than it was black, also his pads where not completely black either. Some where pinkish in color, I have also noticed that his lower teeth actually go over his top ones. Does this happen often with Maltese dogs?


My mother's Maltese has an underbite. It was recommend that she not breed him for this reason. He is a wonder pet and so it does not bother them. My puppy Sassie had some pink on her nose when she fisrt joined our family. During the winter months it stayed this way. When spring arrived she spent more time out side and the spot on her nose got smaller. For Spring break in April we went to Florida and it completely disappeared and the area right around her eyes turned black. I do not know if the sun will turn your puppies nose from brown to black but it might help.

My 2 Maltese are so far from "Show Quality" right now that all the people corresponding here would probably ignore my comments. My Travis and Harlee Dee are both overweight, I keep their hair short,as a matter of fact the only way people ID them as Maltese is by their tail. From reading other peoples comments regarding the weight or size of their Maltese, I'm afraid to say that if mine were an article of clothing, the tag would say " XL "(they're NOT that big). As for their other traits, all are are perfect. If anyone reads this(re:weight)I KNOW,but I spoil them FAR TOO MUCH. I know it's not healthy for them, I'm putting them on a diet. I already started, ya see they LOVE Pupperoni's(treat)so I now give the "Lean"Pupperoni's. We'll see how the diet works. Maybe then I won't have to say"Don't call him Travis,call him Chubsy-Ubsy". Bye......
-Karen Kalamaras

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