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Tear Duct Surgery?

by Jaqui

My Maltese has constantly wet eyes, despite trying everything. I am now beginning to think that he has blocked tear ducts. Is it possible to get them unblocked and is it a success? I would love to see him with a spottless clean dry face. Has any one had this done and what are the results?


Yes, it is possible that your loved ones tear ducts may need to be surgically cleaned if the eyes become inflamed from having moist hair around them constantly. You should consult your vet on how to deal with it. From all that I've read, all the pictures I've seen of Maltese show dogs [you can still see light lemon markings under the eyes], and my own dog; I think tearing is just something that is unavoidable because of the breed. Interesting question to ask your vet--if you get your dog's tear ducts surgically clean--will it lessen the amount of drainage, and for how long? But for now, most of us will have to keep cleaning their little eyes on a daily basis to keep the hair from staining badly. I know if I let it go for even a day, a lovely shade of 'brown' appears.

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