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unpleasant odor

by Eric

I had just acquired an 8 week old female maltese pup. I had noticed that she has been emitting some unpleasant odor from her snout area.I don't know wheather its from her eye tear stain or her nose secretions. But the smell is really unpleasant. Does anyone know what is the particular cause for this smell? and how to get rid of this unpleasant odor.Thanks to everyone.Sincerely, Eric


My female has the worst breathe ever! I've had her teeth cleaned at the vets and it helped for about 2 weeks. There is nothing wrong with her teeth or gums so I can't understand it. Got any ideas??
-Karen Kalamaras

Talking Scents...Publishing the News...First off, I would watch your dog to see if it goes back to its feces and sniffs it or eats it. That's another whole subject in itself. Pixie (female) will go back to the place where she left her feces, even if I picked it up, for she has marked the whole one side of the backyard as her territory to go poop(she has even marked the slab in front of the shed on the same side). The other side of the backyard is where she pees. At the vet's this week, a siberian husky was in there and he pee'd on the floor. His owner says everytime he comes here, he pees in the same place (his way of letting other dogs know who he is and what he is up to--he's also maintaing HIS territory). Not sure if the following is it because I haven't found out, (but I will), if the Maltese have this gland on the top surface of the tail about four inches from the root. Scent marking is the paramount language of the canids. All candis emit a personal scent, which can be released by fear but is more often offered up in affection. Many people refer to their "perfume" as the "doggie smell". Notice after you've been away for a long while if she emits her scent when you are being particularly affectionate--holding her head in your hands, hugging her, kissing her nose, etc. It is her way of saying what you are saying--"I love you." Some dogs have this gland on the top surface of the tail about four inches from the root. By rubbing their chin and cheeks on this gland and then rubbing their face against other members of pack (her new family), which also contribute their gland perfumes, they mix individual scents to concoct a family odor. For instance, some wandering dogs will know that they are home by the "ambrosia" of its pack on the wind. Rolling in (to us) foul-smelling scent is another olfactory joy of the dogs. "Scent rolling is an esthetic thing." Dogs will roll in raunchy odors just so they can wear a different and exciting smell. It brings attention to them selves. It's like us wearing some new clothes. I enjoy studying about dogs. It helps me to communicate and understand what Pixie is trying to say.

P.S.I've seen products at the pet store that are supposed to help with bad breath--much like breath mints we use.

My friend had the same problem with her dog. She said Shelby's breath was awful. Also, Shelby wasn't eating very well. As it turns out Shelby had been eating her poop, thus the awful breath and her not eating her food. Now my friend follows Shelby and picks up right after her - she's eating her dry food, has had her teeth cleaned and doesn't have the bad breath.

Vicki,How can a dog reach its chin to a spot 4 inches from the root of the tail?

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