Is it better to have your dog groomed at a pet hospital or is ok at the pet store? I've been told not a good idea at a pet store because they may let animals in without checking if shots are current. Any input?


Tonia @Rhapsody
It is a tough call. Vet offices often do not have professional groomers working for them. You get the best grooming job by a professional groomer. You need to research either the vet office or the groomer you are thinking of using. You want a qualified groomer to groom you dogs and you need to make sure that they require up to date shots too. I recommend that you visit the place you are thinking of using first. Also ask who will be doing the grooming of your dog and what their experience is. I have groomed pet dogs professionally and feel that those questions are important to have answered. I have also worked at a vet's office and they never had a true professional groomer work for them but they still provided the service and charged every bit as much as the grooming shop would have. I also a good way to find a reputable groomer is to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Word of mouth from other customers is usually pretty telling of an established business.

Karen Kalamaras
I have a groomer come to my home to groom my two Maltese. They charge a little more but it's well worth the extra $$. My dogs have only been to an outside groomer once, and I would never bring them to another. They are much more comfortable in their own surroundings. Let me clarify,the dogs are groomed in my home,they are groomed in a heated/airconditioned van. I even found a Vet who makes house calls.

Does anyone know where to find out about the different grooming styles for a maltese without going to a groomer? Has anyone came across anything on the WEB on this? Thanks!

I groom both of my Maltese myself. I am not trained to do this but learned by trial and error. Fortunately, my dogs love their grooming time. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to cut/shave the face area that will still look cute. I have a problem with tear staining and would like to try keeping the hair short around the eyes and cutting off the mustache.

DLS, I had my groomer make bangs a little above the "stop" and left enough hair on the "top knot" for a bow. Looks so cute with bangs. Having bangs, the hair doesn't hang down in her face.

Vicki,I also think Maltese look adorable with bangs. I bring Cloud and Clancy to the groomer, but I keep the hair around the eyes trimmed myself. It took me a long time to get up the courage to do this (scissors near a squirming dog's eyes does not equal a fun idea). But, both of my darlings are pretty patient about it now. They don't particularly like it, but they put up with me. Especially since there is always a treat waiting when they are done.

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