Program method of flea control


I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the "Program" flea product. This is an oral method of flea control, and I remember reading a message from someone who was sure his Maltese died because of taking this pill. My vet was surprised when I told him about it, and he insists that it is safe. Does anyone out there use it? My Maltese seems to be a flea magnet.


Zoe's mom
I've heard the same thing but I have a pure maltese and she has never had any problems with the product and also the fleas die on her if she comes in contact with them. I live in a tropical climate so fleas are a common problem here with dogs and in the homes. Good Luck

Betty Schnieder
You can make a very good, natural flea powder at home. Mix and grind 1 cup each of dried rue, wormwood, rosemary, fennel and peppermint. When ground to a powder, dust your Maltese working it in well.

cathy brown
I have had good luck with the flea problem using Frontline--the kind that comes in single doses that you put between the dog's shoulder blades. It seems to last as promised (3 mo) and will remain effective even through bathing. Also supposed to help with ticks. Lucy had a couple of ticks (ugly things!) before I started using it, but none since. I assume it is the Frontline, unless she just hasn't come in contact with a tick. I have to say I'd hesitate to give a pill, but that's how I am about myself, as well. I just don't like putting strange stuff into my body.

Dear Peggy I live in FL and travel in my motor home with 2 Maltese and a Husband. Fleas are a terrible problem if you don't take steps to prevent them. Both my Dogs are on Program, KoKo was on it from 3 months old, she is now 21 months. Shayna started last month (5 Months Old). I also use Frontline Spray, but will try the new product called "BioSpot". Have never heard of a Maltese dying from the Program. My Girls are very uncomfortible the minute they pick up a Flea and if Frontline fails at least the fleas can't reproduce if they do bite the Girls. I also have my home exterminated every other month, even if we are out of town for months at a time. I Spray my Motor Home Regularly during Travel time. In the South Flea control is one of the most important responsibilities of owning a dog or cat.

cathy brown
I got mine from the vet. It comes in a package of 3 for about $25. Each dose is a 3-month supply against fleas/1 mo for ticks. The "real name: is Frontline Top Spot. I live in DC, but also bought some from my mom's vet in GA when I visited her during the winter (when I don't treat Lucy) and she was immediately covered head to toe with 8 million fleas. They were all gone in a couple of days, with most of them gone after the first day. Maybe you could ask your veterinarin to order it if he/she doesn't carry it.

I have a Maltese and is on Program, and I never heard about a Maltese dyeing from Program. I think it is just rumor. It is safe for your dog to go on Program.

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