Karen Kalamaras
I have a friend whos 1 year old Maltese Q-Tip died of Encephalitis. I work for a group of Neurologists in New Jersey who weren't even aware that this disease is also found in animals. I'd appreciate any feedback on this subject.


Cheryl Shoemaker
The only thing I have heard abot encephalitis is that it is the same swelling of the inner brain lining like in humans. This dog was biten by a tick that carried it they thought because one week to 10 days before they had removed a tick from the maltese. It still could have seiures and is on medication for the next year or so. They almost lost the maltese and now watch over it for any seiure activity. If it doesn't have any for a year the chances are it might not ever have one again. But nothing is for certain.

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