Maltese top knot


Sandy in Michigan
My Gidget is 10 mo old and very beautiful.She is not a show dog so I chose to keep her hair semi- long. The groomer trims her legs and underbody and face but I keep her outer body, head and ears long. It looks nice but my problem is that I put the hair on top of her head up in a fluffy pony tail. Usually I use a soft pony tail holder to keep breakage to a minimum but nothing seems to stay in. She works to get it out. I was wondering if the wrapped top knots stay in better because they are usually done on two sides rather than one in the middle and how do you do them.


Herald's Mom
The best way to do a ponytail is to pull the hair up, and then fold it back down to make a "loop, which is then wrapped in small squares of white netting (like you find in a fabric store) and secured with a rubber band and of course covered with a cute little ribbon! Wax paper squares can also be used instead of the netting. This keeps hair breakage to a minimum.

Dear Sandy: It took a long time for KoKo to get used to the Top Knot, I like to use the Pony tail (small) bands also. Check out KoKo's picture in the Alburm, she has a long pony tail, long ears and short cut. Now that we have Shayna the Top Knot has become a problem on KoKo. Shayna thinks it is a game to pull out KoKo's top knot several times a day. I'm working on Shayna to stop that. Shayna also has her own top knot Pony tail, but she only removes that once a day. I'm going to try to use the other method that was suggested, the netting method.

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