Just wanted everyone to know Shayna was Spay yesterday and she is doing fine. She also had her Dew Claws removed and that seems to be more of an ordeal that the Spaying. They also found 2 K-9 baby teeth that needed to be removed, because the adult teeth came in and did not force the baby teeth out. To add to all this they pulled her ear hairs too. She was worked over, but is resting comfortably.


I am curious Shelley. At what age was she when you had all this done to Shayna?

cathy brown
Lucy had two baby teeth pulled when she was spayed too. Poor baby she hurt at both ends. Give Shayna a hug. Hope she's doing well. It was a difficult time for Lucy--my vet refers to her as "the drama queen," and she really hates anything involves her vet care. According to the vet (not me, her mom!) she "milked" the spay procedure for all it was worth. I just thought she was miserable and proceeded accordingly!

Marsha: Shayna is 6 Months Old. This morning she was back to her old self again. She will remain on the Antibiotic for the rest of the week to aviod infection, but other than that everything is normal .

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