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Maltese & Seperation Anxiety

My dog has suffered quite a case of separation anxiety. I was wondering if this is common to the breed. Are there any "magic tricks" that other Maltese owners have used to make their dogs a little less dependent? I tried totally ignoring my little fella for 3 weeks while my husband took over his care (a VERY long 3 weeks!!!). That helped, but did not completely end the problem. I have used planned departures, which worked even better, and medication to alleviate his anxiety. He is much better now (not cured), but I am very afraid to try leaving him alone in a strange place (for example in a friend's home when visiting out-of-town). He could easily become completely hysterical and even chew holes in the walls! Is this typical of a Maltese, or is my dog simply addicted to me? He is a very obedient, smart little dog, but I hate to see him suffer! Any advice or light you or others could shed on this issue is greatly appreciated!

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