average approx weight of 7wk old


Hi. We will be bringing home our new baby, Macy next Friday. The breeder told me she weighted about 2 1/2 pounds at 6 weeks. Any guesstimations on how big she'll be. Just wondering. Thanks


You can usually double their weight at 12 weeks and maybe add about a half a pound. This will usually get you fairly close to the max adult weight. 6 weeks at 2 1/2 pounds she could easily be at least another pound or pound and a half at 12 weeks which would be 4lbs., double it and maybe add a half pound. My guess would be 8lbs at a 1 year old.

Pamela and Zsa Zsa
I was just wondering--is your puppy a Maltese? It seems kind of big. Zsa Zsa did not register on the vet's scale at 6 weeks. Just wondering.

Yes she is a maltese. This is our first so im not sure on what a good weight is at 6 weeks but have learned alot of this site. From what I understand this is ok. She will just be of bigger size than some..

Mike Gold
I have found that the larger the Maltese, the healthier. This breed was not meant to be under 4 lbs.

cathy brown
I got Lucy at 12 weeks and she was 2.5 pounds when the vet weighed her. I "did the math" and figured she'd be about 6+ or so pounds when she was grown. She's now 18 mo and weighs close to 8 pounds and she's not fat; she's "just right." Recently on Lucy's weekly "field trip" to PetSmart, I saw a maltese being groomed who was probably about 5 lbs and told Lucy that she apparently was a "Rubenesque Maltese" by comparison. Actually, Lucy looked a lot less fragile than the pup being groomed, which makes me think that a little bigger might be better. Bottom line is no matter how big your Maltese is when full grown--even if you were expecting a tiny little thing--you will love it so much (and vice versa) that size won't be an issue at all. Hope you enjoy your new baby as much as I do Lucy.

Thanks for all the responses.This is truely a great place to come for help and info.

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