Reverse Sneezing?


What can you tell me about reverse sneezing? Ever since my maltese was a pup, she starts -- what I thought was hyperventilating -- everytime she gets excited. Two vets have told me it's called "reverse sneezing" and don't seem concerned. She shuts her mouth and starts snorting her "pig" imitation). I try to calm her down by petting her & rubbing her throat (sometimes helps, not usually) but if it lasts too long, I pry her mouth open so she'll breathe. It always happens when she gets over-excited. Should I be concerned?


Debbie, Dogs have a habit called reverse sneezing; it's a kind of snorting attack during which they inhale very rapidly. It usually lasts for about 10 minutes, and it may come on about once or twice a week. Reverse sneezing may be caused by postnasal drip, although this isn't the only possible reason. In any case, there's no need to worry; the animal is in no danger. This is just a way of clearing the nasal passages and throat (much like Felix Unger in the movie the "Odd Couple"...ha).

Hi Debbie, Pepper (7 months) does this also. He too does it when he gets over excited or runs around alot. The vet says that it is normal in all breeds and assured me it was nothing to be concerned about. He said it occurs when the dog breathes air into his esophogus (spelling) . He suggested a drink of water, fresh air, or talking calmy to him & it usualy works. It always reminded me of a "human asthma attack" Hope this helps

cathy brown
Debbie, Check the archives. There were several posts about a month ago about this, and I think a couple of responses from breeders (not sure about that). At any rate, apparently this is fairly common (Lucy does it too) and not to be worried about. The archive posts have more details as I recall them...just click at the top of this page on archives.

My vet told me about reverse sneezing, I thought she was kiddng and made it up. My guys do this too only when they are excited or pulling on their leashes. I rub their necks and it seems to calm it down.

Marsha A.
I took my dog to a specialty clinic in Houston for what my vet here called reverse sneezing. The outcome was that he had Asthma. I had him neutered, removed the carpet from my home and he is on medication when I take him outside. Be sure your dog is checked for this condition as it can cause lung problems if left untreated.

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