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alzi Vasquez
I have a 3 year old female maltese. I live in a very humid / hot enviroment. She (koki) has a really bad problem with tearing and nasty stains on her face. I have tried everything from cornstarch to boric acid. The doctor rx her some drops but they didn't work either. I think those drops even irritated her eyes. I have even tried combing her face with a small flea comb every morning and washing her face once a week. And it stills doesn't work. She will have stains and that nasty red/ brown gunk in her eyes. I have been told that maybe it's because she might be in heat. But she can't be in heat all the time. I would really appriciate it if someone could give me some info. on how I might be able to help Koki on this problem. Thanks Alzi


jody rellar
Hi, I too have a maltese with significant eye stains. I was told to give my "cleo" who weighs 3.75 pounds 1\4 of a tums tablet (fruit flavored.) The calcium is supposed to help eliminate the tears - so far I really haven't noticed any improvement, but then again its only been several weeks since I started her on the tablets. Good luck

Bel and the M & M girls
Hi Alzi, There is some help in the archives on this, from some pros. Just scroll down the left side.I am waiting to hear about a supersupplement called "The Missing Link" that is supposed to be for tearstain. It is advertised in the Dog Fancy magazine.

I called my Vet, to ask him about this, and he hasn't called me back yet. Another person on a Maltese Chat asked her Vet, and she didn't get a response yet either.

I also have heard that Tylan powder, something used for swine, works. But I am trying to wait it out, and see what this is: "The Missing Link" --as it's some sort of natural supplement.This product did have a web site, but was moving... Good luck, Bel and the M & M & M girls

I'm sure the climate in which you reside has something to do with it. Dust and pollen can really be eye irrantants-- especially because the animals face is so close to the ground. Basically, excessive tearing is usually harmless, just a sign that the tear ducts are clogged. Tears that would normally be going through a channel in the dog's nose to the throat are now coming out the eyes. Our own tear system works much the same way, draining out the eyes and down the throat. Poodles and Maltese are particulary troubled by faulty tears ducts. They're often born without the complete tear apparatus, or with a defective one, and they suffer from a continual drainage down the face. It's a natural thing, and not a disease or a dangerous disorder. However, in especially bad cases the dog's tear ducts may need to be surgically cleaned. Excessive tearing can become a problem when the dog's face is continuously wet and the eyes become inflamed from having moist hair around them constantly. This creates a potential breeding ground for infection, and you should continue to consult your vet on how to deal with it.

My Maltese had very bad stained eyes. I had tried everything. Everytime I went to a dog show I would ask all the breeders what they do. I too had a rx from the vet. I have found a tear stain remover that I think really does the trick! It's by Four Paws call Crystal Eye Tear Stain Remover. I apply it with a cotton ball, it looks like water and does have a strong smell, but not too bad. I work it up to alittle lather and leave it on to dry. It really works for me. The stains are gone and they were terrible for at least 6 years! You can get it at any pet store.

Marilyn, I also use Crystal Eyes by Four Paws. It does work for my dog. I also brush a little cornstarch under each eye with a toothbrush.

Alzi Vasquez
Thanks guys for your advice. Jody I will try the tums (that's the first time I have heard of this). At this point I will try anything. Bel and the M&M girls, I would really like to know about this Missing Link. I will ask my vet on it too and also on the Tylan powder. Vicki, I believe you're right about the climate I live in. I live down south of Texas (Harlingen Texas). I am acually 20 min. from the border of Mexico. Very close to South Padre Island. During the winter we get a big community of people we (Valley people) call the Winter Texans. They are retired people who travel from all over the US. and Canada and they stay down here during the windter (no snow down here). Many of them have maltese dogs and they too notice that thier dogs suffer from tearing and staining when they are down here. I just believe it has to do with where I live. I guess I am going to have to move up North for my little girl. Anything for my little girl 8*). Marilyn and Vikki I have tried Crystal Eye by Four Paws. Yes it did take away the ugly dark brown stains, but it became an orange red color. I just wish some scientist can invent a pill or something that it will just be white like the rest of her coat. Once again thanks I will try all of your advice. I have your e-mail addresses, I will stay in touch. Alzi

I read that using distilled water for your pet to drink, will help, but I haven't noticed any help.

Bel and the M & M girls
Hi everyone, We sure have a good thing going on this tearstain section. I do use distilled water too....doesn't make any difference. Neither does the climate--we are in the humid summer of Florida and the cold winter of Chicago. I'll try Crystal Eye til we find out about "The Missing Link." The only thing about some of the medicines, like tylan powder, is that my vet said that it's an antibiotic...and how long can you keep giving that?? I would like to maybe try it once tho, just to see. Bel and the M & M girls

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