Eating Dandelions?


HI,I was out w/Pepper this a.m. & he started to play and chew on the little yellow flowers (weeds) that are growing in the grass. I believe they are dandelions. They call them in PA (piss-da-beds) pardon the expression. Anyway, I just wondered, if these are safe for Pepper? He vomited last night for no apparent reason, and now I wonder, if it had something to do with these flowers. Any thoughts??


Linda Coleman
Any new "foods" introduced into the diet can cause stomach upset and vomiting. Dandelion is a very healthy food. The flowers are loaded with lecithin, which is also good for coat and keeping the arteries clean. The leaves and root have been used medicinally for treating a lot of things including liver detoxification naturally in humans. I chop a few leaves and add to my dogs diet several times a week when it is available, and make a salad for myself! It is a great cleansing herb. Linda

I have a three page listing of toxic plants and dandelion is not listed. They are yellow flowers before they turn into the white puffs with seeds. If you have any questions, you should call the vet and/or the local Poison Center. I have dandelions in my backyard too. Pixie seems more interested in dry leaves and grass (so far). For sure Ivy (Hedera helix) is toxic. So many people have ivy as a ground covering. Keep your little one away from this.

P.S. It isn't a bad idea to get a pamplet from your vet on toxic plants.

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