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Yes, I have heard some about Missing Link but I do not know what exactly it is used for. Can someone help me. I do show and I want to keep my dogs in topnotch condition. Any info will be appreciated. Is it worthwhile and where do you get it?


Bel and the M & M & M girls
Hi Sharon, A vet told me about The Missing Link on an organized Pet Chat. He says it supplies fatty acids (omega 3 & 6). But I have no idea what that means.....:>o And I can't find that chat again. I'll keep trying. And, I have a coupon for it, from a booklet of coupons I received when I got my little Mimsy.If you are in this country, The Missing Link is advertised in DOG FANCY magazine page 23.The web site http:/www.the missing-link.com BUT: I just tried to get the site--- and no luck!!! I did find it before and made a copy. But when I tried to get it again.....it said that the site was moving. On my coupon: Anicare Supply, Inc.
676 Central Parkway
Longwood, Florida 32750
and a phone: 1-800-476-2642 Ext. 10
So, I was afraid to get it til my vet said that it's okay. It says in the ad that this supersupplement supplies the missing nutrients from natural, human grade, whole foods and food concentrates. It says on the web site that it is for dogs, cats, horses, and humans.....you specify which one you are interested in. It lists these ingredients: Flax seed, sunflower seed, blackstrap molasses, rice bran, nutritional yeast, alfalfa, carrot, apple, hesperidin, sesame seed, licorice root, barley green, nettle, spirulina, broccoli powder, cherry powder, parsley, kelp, vanilla bean, ginger root, sage, rosemary, yucca, garlic, equisetum herb. The phone number on web site: 1-800-779-4033 I did ask another vet about it on PetCare message board. He never heard of it, and hopes that someone else will give some input. Again, I want to know more about it before I try it. So, maybe if we spread the word, we can get more information: ....before we try anything different. Meanwhile I'll just put up with the tearstain.....& wait... Yikes, this is awfully long, Jay....... =:o Bel and the M & M & M girls

Marsha O/Jazz
www.warlight.com/warlight/RAINCOAS/mlink1.html This is the site where I find the most information about this product. I, too, would be very interested if anyone hears any comments from someone who has actually used it.

Marsha A.
I received the information on the product and decided not to use it because it contains Blue-green algae. There is a lot of discussion about this at the current time. Please review on the net by searching for blue-green algae. The only positive opinions on it seem to be from the manufacturer and the distributors.

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