Legs making cracking sounds


I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this: My 15 week old Maltese puppy is extremely active, but lately I've noticed her back two legs making cracking sounds. She runs lightning fast, and has never seemed to be in any pain, etc. Is this normal for a growing puppy? Our other dog is 7, so I don't remember. Is it a muscle or bone thing. Thanks for the help.


My maltese has a similar problem. Although I can't hear the cracking, her vet can feel her back legs crack when he moves them. It isn't causing her any problems now, but he said it can eventually lead to artheritis (sp?). There's a surgery that can be done to relieve it if it gets worse ($$$-uhg). I suggest you talk to your vet about it.

Larry Stanberry - Divine Maltese
The Maltese, as a breed, along with most of the other Toy Breeds are susceptible to a condition known as "slipping stifles" or "luxating Patellas" - basically this is a condition in the rear knee joints that creates severe discomfort and/or pain for the dog. In order not to completely revisit this issue here, please refer to the archives for previous discussions on this topic - look under "slipping stifles" or "luxating patellas".

My 10 Month old Maltese, Jessie has had similar problems. Her vet said we would just have to watch her, and now she having a real problem with her back left leg. They said it is the Luxating Patella, and there seems to be nothing the vet can do except for surgery. It's really sad, the other night I noticed she was limping, and ever since, she has been carrying her little leg up in the air. I got an estimate on the cost for Jessie (5 pounds), and they said it would be close to $500-600!!

I don't know much about this, but she does not seem to be in any pain, b/c she still runs at full speed and does a lot of jumping and playing. I hate to put her through surgery b/c she is so little. Not a good situation!! Any advise??

My Cloud has this problem. It first happened a couple of years ago. He was chasing after his toy and let out this huge yelp. I was horrified by the sound, because he seemed to be in such pain. He lifted his leg and walked over to me on three legs and sat in my lap looking all sad. Since then it has happened a handful of times. (He hasn't done it in at least six months). The last few times his reaction was not so dramatic, he just stopped playing and walked over to me and sat on my lap. My Vet said that if the problem began happening more often surgery would be advised, but it probably wasn't neccessary at this point. As I said Cloud hasn't had it happen in at least six months and he runs and plays even more than Clancy, my female Maltese.

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