Loose knee caps

I just took my 5 year old Maltese (Gretta) to the vet and he told me that she had "loose knee caps" in her back legs. He suggested that we have her see an orthopedic surgeon to correct the problem because down the road arthritis could set in those knees. The vet said that this was common in small dogs, has anyone had this problem and if so, did surgery really work or did it cause more problems due to other complications.

Gretta is "chunky" weighing in at 9 lbs. We are putting her on a diet to control her food intake more and we are increasing her activity level. I am reluctant to have her go through surgery, but I also do not want to jeopardize her quality of life as she ages.

Has anyone any experiences to share? Thanks in advance,
Diann, concerned owner of Gretta and Hannah

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