Flea prevention & "Pet owner Fleacing"

If I understand correctly, we are approaching or are already in "flea season". I am concerned re: Pepper bringing fleas into the home (not to mention having fleas on him in general). I have spoken to the vet re: an oral medication to hopefully prevent the problem & we will discuss it further at Pepper's appt. on Wed. However, I'm wondering if someone can shed some light on the subject for me. Is this something that occurs naturally that cannot be prevented?? Where do they come from?? Pepper does his "business" on our front lawn & I generally do a "yard cleaning" once or twice a week. Should I be doing this more frequently? Would more frequent clean ups possibly prevent fleas?? Are these oral flea medications effective? In general, I am a "germ freak" & this subject gives me the creeps. I will do anything possible to avoid having the problem.

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