Maltese teething/loss of appetite

Pepper is just about six months (4/1/97). We have been finding his baby teeth laying around over the last week or so. Additionally, he does not seem to have much of an appetite (unless of course its human food). Is the loss of appetite connected to the teething process? He doesn't seem to be interested in his dog food (Eukanuba), but will hunt around the kitchen floor looking for any crumbs etc. that may have fallen & if anyone in the house is eating, he will stare at you with his big black eyes until you offer some to him. His dog food seems to be a last alternative. I just wondered if anyone can give me an idea of what their dog's eating habits are on a normal day i. e. number of times dog eats, & quanity at each feeding etc.? Also, whether or not teeting is in anyway associated?

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