AKC Club Notices

Jay, thanks for the ACK Club Notice. Don't know if it was there before or not, but I just read it today. Hopefully all will read it and make note of any names that might be in their area, especially the names of those that have been convicted of cruelty to animals. Even though the person might not be associated with Malteses, if anyone has a friend interested in a certain type of dog, (rather than adopting one from a humane society) hopefully everyone will pass this information along to their friends.

I, and I am sure all other on this board, just do not understand how anyone can be intentionally cruel to an innocent animal. I think it is one of the most heinous things one can do. I will not jeopardize myself by putting down what I would be willing to do to someone such as the people on the list convicted of animal cruelty.

Jay has given us some very good information by providing this list. Let's get it out to all we can in each person's area.

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