Frightened in car

Well, after a long search, I finally found the perfect companion for me.....a year and a half year old female. My whole family has fallen madly in love with her (even hubby who swore we would never get another dog...he kisses her head and holds her like a baby!) She truly is a delight. However, one problem has not been resolved and I don't know if this is common to the breed or just due to circumstances peculiar to GiGi. She is terrified of rid- ing in the car. I take her at least once a day for a short ride, (usually taking one of the kids to school). I am hoping that she will get used to it, but for two weeks now she hasn't gotten any more relaxed. Her previous owner did not take her in the car too often, and from what it sounded like, it was mostly for unpleasant trips, i.e: the vet, groomers or boarding. So I understand why she is so scared, I just don't know how to help her. Any advise, suggestions or experiences would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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