Conversion to lap dog?

We have an 11 week old, very playful little puppy. Over time, he is becoming more and more squirmy, only settingly down when he goes to sleep. We don't mind the occasional episodes of "psycho puppy" who runs at a fast pace through all of the rooms in our home, yet it seems that this personality is becoming the more dominant one. Is there anything that we can do to encourage him to settle down, or will he naturally settle down as he becomes older? Any advice regarding this subject would be greatly appreciated.
phil, michele, mochi

  • It sure sounds like your pup is a bundle of love and energy + . If puppies don't get enough exercise or a chance to burn off some steam you will get a wound up, crazy dog. This is quite normal and actually good for you dog to be so active. I am confused as to what you mean about your dog becoming more dominant. Please explain or give more details so I can figure out what exactly is going on. Is he biting? Not letting you pet him? Any growling? Thanks, I'll check back later.

  • Our puppy was "pyscho puppy" also for awhile. At about 6 months or so, he calmed down some. He still goes into what we call "spaz mode", but he also spends a lot of time curled up in our laps. The funny thing is, with me he is more likely to be spaz puppy, while with my wife, he likes to curl up on her lap.
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