Wrapping Maltese hair

I recently took my 4mo old female to a local fun match. It was a first time for both of us. It was primarily to see what it was like and decide if it is something we would enjoy. Needless to say we are both hooked. She did her doggy dance every time she heard applause. Several people at the show suggested that I would need to start wrapping her hair if I want her to have a full coat. My groomer had suggested this to me a few days before as well. I have been reading this page for some time now and have never seen anything mentioned about it. I also got some books form the library, but no mention of wrapping. Is this commonly done with the show maltese? If so how do I get the supplies for it, and how do I do it? I do almost all of her grooming and have only had a professional job done once. I am willing to learn what ever it takes. Thank you.

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