Eating dry food

Hi Everyone: It seems by reading this great Maltese page that we all have or will have at some time, the same problems along with the same joys! My little Biscuit seems to have the same attitude toward dry dog food as many of the rest of your puppies--not very interested. I have started something, which I probably should not have started, by giving her a small aount of white meat chicken which I have cooked in her dish with her dry Iams kibbles to "entice" her to eat the dry stuff. However, she usually quits after the chicken is gone even though I don't think it is enough to fill her up (which I do purposely). Awhile back, one of you addressed this problem and named a dry dog food which your Maltese even did a little doggy dance while eating. The name was something like Natures Blend, Natures Variety, but I cannot remember it. I would love to find out the name if any of you remember it--I'm ready to try anything.

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