Warning about Puppy Shots

My 12 weeks old puppy had her third set of shots on Friday. She had no problems with the first two rounds. This time Leptospirosis was added to the shot. Sassie had a VERY severe reaction to this vaccination. Within 10 minutes of the shot she lost muscle control, and could not even hold her head up. We are very lucky we live so close to our vet. We rushed her back to the vet and got her a shot of Benadryl and some cortisone.

They let her come home with me because I would be home with her and able to watch her closely. Her face swelled up like a ping pong ball. We went back to the vet and she stayed the rest of the day. We got her home and she seemed to be doing fine when later in the evening she started having breathing trouble. She would breath at a very fast rate for about 5 minutes then she would quit breathing for 5 to 10 seconds. She was given more benadryl and I stayed up with her until she was breathing normal for more than an hour (2am). My vet says that it is not unusual for a Maltese to have a reaction to the Leptospirosis.

If your puppy is due for this shot please make sure you will be able to watch the puppy closely after the shot. I do not think Sassie would have lived had we not been home with her.

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