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Maltese & Too over cautious?

I know we have touched on this subject numerous times, but I would like some input from other breeders out there and Maltese owners as well. I get many inquiries from people looking to acquire a new Maltese puppy. About half of the people we talk to have children in the home under the age of 10. Our policy and personal feelings are that a Maltese pup is too fragile to be placed in an environment with young children. Are we being to over cautious? I talked to someone this morning that led me to posting this message. I declined to sell him one of our pups after he told me that they did have 2 children ages 3 and 7. He informed us that although he would rather not obtain one from a pet store, this would have to be his alternative since petstores could care less if the home they are going to is acceptable or not. We feel bad now that we turned someone away who will now more than likely deal with a place we have no respect for whatsoever. We feel we have done more bad than good. Any comments would be appreciated.
-Jay & Bev Bianco

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