Vacation Blues

My beautiful Maltese named Gidget is 8 mo. old. We have always been dog lovers but this is our first Maltese. She has been much different then other breeds we have had in that she is so attached to us, loves to be with us, near us,on us, by us as much as possible. She is very spoiled and we love her company. Our problem is that we have rented summer cabins in years past for a week or two for vacation and have always placed our dog in a kennel. I feel terrible about this with Gidget because I know how she reacts when I come home from work. She is sooooo happy to see me and she is so sad when we leave. I have tried to find vacation spots for pets but seems no one accepts them. Any suggestions or experience with kenneling your Maltese? I'm just worried how she will do without us around especially at night since she sleeps with us.
Sandy in Michigan

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