Puppy biting

We got our 8 week old puppy from the breeder last week and just adore him. over the last few days, he seems to have gotten used to us and has become more active, running and playing harder. One thing that he has started to do is start biting while playing with us... we understand that he is teething, and have a bunch teething toys for him to play with. It seems that his play has become more aggressive over the last 2-3 days as well. we want to prevent any problems in the future. What can we do to stop this nipping? Is this a problem that will pass when he finishes teething?

We have a wonderful little pup, 3 1/2 months old, almost entirely housebroken. One problem. He bites us - not hard - just playfully. We have talked to him sternly, but he won't stop. My question is, will he eventually outgrow this?
Knut Heise

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