Wets, barks & bites

My 9 month old, Paxton , is the worst dog I've ever had, and at the same time is the love of my life! You have the best Maltese site on the Net, and if you're not too busy, please help with ANY advice. I'm desparate!!!!!
PROBLEM # 1: He wets on everything! He "goes" outside, and then runs upstairs and wets on my new bedspread! (I've tried the spays that are supposed to keep dogs away, but no success.)
#2:He barks all the time! For no reason, he looks at me and barks his head off, and doesn't give up for anything.
#3:He bites! Even when being pet and loved on...bites. *I know he's still young, and at times is a really good dog but the pee, barks, and bites are making me wonder WHAT DO I DO?!? Thank you for your time,
Traci & Paxton (aka, The Indoor Sprinkler)

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