Over the past four months, I've learned that there is no question that is too stupid to ask. It's worth repeating that this is a fantastic forum to discuss our little darlin's.

Although Splitter is five years old, we've only been together for four months. She is, without doubt, the lighte of my life. My question is about licking--or kissing as I call it. She sleeps in her crate, with the door open. Every morning, after she's had her pee, I am the lucky recipient of a million kisses. When I come home at lunch or after work, I get a thousand kisses. I like to watch a little TV before I go to sleep and we cuddle a little bit in my bed before I put her in her crate--again, with the door open. When I put her in my bed, again, I am the lucky recipient of a million kisses. And off and on during the day, she gives me hundreds and hundreds of kisses. If I ask for a kiss, she gives me one. (I think she knows the word from her previous owner.)

Frankly, I like this. To me, it seems like a sign of affection or of reciprocal grooming. However, I've read and heard from numerous sources that this is a sign of dominance and should be discouraged. She shows absolutely no other signs of dominance (but neither is she cowardly).

Should I be concerned that the "honeymoon" is over and that she is, indeed, striving for dominance or should I just sit back and enjoy this, perceivably, show of affection?

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