Concerned about Anesthesia

I made an appointment yesterday to have my 7 month old (@5lb) female maltese,Sophie, spayed. I was told the price was $129.00 with an optional bloodtest (running about $35.00) to make sure the anesthesia will flush from her system. I was told that there could be some concern because of her small size. The breeder I bought her from had never heard of such a test, but did say she had lost 2 dogs over the past several years due to problems with anesthesia. I am very nervous...and the money is of course the l east of it..altho I do question its need if it is "optional". The breeder mentioned a new anesthesia that is supposed to be much safer. Is anyone familiar with this? Do you know the name? She couldn't remember it..altho she is looking for it. I am now in a panic as I am worried to death something will happen to Sophie? I don't know the vet well..I live in a city & take her to an animal hospital with a good reputation but have not developed a reationship with any of the vets. A! ny advice or safeguards you can give me would be most appreciated. Soon. Today is Sunday and she is due to have surgery on Thursday! Thanks again.

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