Breeding agreement & health & child

I am thinking - hoping to purchase a female, Maltese pup soon. One breeder I spoke with said all her sales have a "no breeding agreement". I was wondering if this is or could be just so I could not breed and make money on her profession. If there is no medical reason for this agreement, does this mean that I get registered papers for my Maltese but if I breed her I can not get papers for the pups?

I was also wondering if Maltese have any medical problems that are common to this breed?

I have a five year old daughter who is a gentle, not rough, pleasant, wonderful, well behaved, (well I could go on but won't) ...I have seen some warnings of children being rough and needing supervised but I feel my daughter will pick right up on how our Maltese should be held and played with. So otherwise, will the Maltese be a good pet for her? She wants a little dog, that will stay little, so she can have a lap dog, and they are sooooo cute. Any suggestions or comments appreciated.

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