Knee problems...Maltese male

I have a Male Maltese that is 13mos old. while jumping at the kitchen cabinet for a treat he started to cry. I checked him out and there didn't seem to be anything wrong, although he continued to favor that leg. I called an emergency vet who said to give him 1/2 baby aspirin and call a vet on Monday ( it was Sun.) I took him to my vet, who said it was a slipped knee cap. She referred me to a canine ortho vet who will see my little guy on 1/21/97. I wanted to know if this is common to this breed as this pup is my first maltese. I called his breeder who said all 'toy' breeds have the tendancy. Is this a weakness that I should deal with the breeder over? People have been telling me to "tell the breeder you want a new pup" or "tell the breeder you want your money back". Please advise. thanks
Linda Phillabaum

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